The Power of Social Media

Social media is used by a lot of people every day. People use social media to: stay in touch with friends, catch up with the latest news, for fun and entertainment, hobby interests, etc. But the thing with social media is not can it only be used for these things, but it can be used as a marketing tool for businesses.

Large businesses like McDonalds, Pepsi, Sony, Microsoft, and Apple are always using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to market their brands. The thing is, this isn’t only exclusive to large brands, small to medium business can utilize this marketing strategy as well. And even bloggers (like me, haha 🙂 ) use this to spread their content on social media to get their articles seen by people who have an interest what they are posting.

The Amount of People Using Social MediaPie Chart

The number of people using social media is getting bigger and bigger. And research says that 63% of Twitter and Facebook users use social media for news updates, yes that is 63% of people using social media just for day to day news! You can clearly see the effect the internet and social media has on society these days. And another fact is that 71% of internet users have and use a Facebook account, there is definitely a market right here.

With these stats, there is no question why brands are using social media marketing. I mean, it simply doesn’t make sense not to use social media marketing to build up your business/brand with the amount of users that interact with social media every day.

Using the Power of Social MediaSuperhero

Now social media is certainly powerful, but now we are going to see how brands and bloggers use social media to make great use of this powerful way of marketing online.

There is a big range of social media websites, but the main ones you can use are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

With the big potential reach of people, you get from posting and interacting with social media, you always have to start with somewhere. A good way to increase your social media presence is interacting with others on social media.

But before you go posting, you need to define your target market. This is very
important because you want people who will be interesting in what you are promoting and posting on your social media accounts. An example would be: if you’re a florist, then you are going to want target people who like gardening. Or if you’re selling footballs and baseball bats, then it’s best you go for people who are interested in sports.

And with these targeted markets, you then post relevant content and things that you think would interest people following you on social media (e.g. Twitter or Facebook). And make sure to interact with people who follow you on social media. If someone comments on one of your posts or likes one of your posts, making an effort to reply to your users will make your readers want to interact with you more, I like to call this engagement. The more people interacting with you or engaging with you, the better.

Keeping A Social Media Schedule


Before you jump right into posting on social media, it would be a better idea to keep a schedule. This helps your post’s to be consistent and being consistent on your social media accounts is very important, because if one week you post 10-12 posts then next week you only post 1-2 then you may lose followers by not keeping your followers up to date. And not only that, but you will build up your social media presence much quicker if you post regularly.

Some great tools you can use to keep a set schedule to stay organized are:


Buffer – This lets you schedule your posts and send out your posts based on the times you have set for it to post for you. One thing I do is I sometimes see an article I find interesting and that would be of interest to my followers too, and I just add it to the content schedule. Then buffer will post for me automatically using the schedule that has been set. You can be very helpful if you find it hard to keep up with posting regularly all the time.


Hootsuite – Quite similar to Buffer but has its differences. Like buffer, you can schedule your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can try both to see which one you prefer.


Google Calendar – You can use Google Calendar to schedule in tasks or goals you want to accomplish throughout the week or month. Has a simple calendar interface which makes it quite user-friendly. You can set notifications and make it repeat a certain task every week, month, or year.


WeekPlan – A weekly calendar where you can schedule in tasks for the week (week only). One thing I like about WeekPlan is how it has a procrastinate feature to track whether you have completed your task. It does have notifications, but if you want to set it to repeat a task every week, then it requires a paid upgrade.


Zoho Calendar – Very close in features to Google calendar. Another alternative for calendar
scheduling (doesn’t require a google account).

Connecting With People on Social Media


Connecting with like-minded people can help you grow your social media profiles and reach out to people. You connect with people by browsing and following users on social media that interest you ( e.g., Twitter, Google+, or Facebook accounts etc), and to comment on posts that you like. Make sure not to spam, and to say something relevant or add to the conversation. Or say you using Twitter you can Re-Tweet or Favourite tweets that you like. And you can DM (Direct Message) people who may have followed you or if you just want to contact them on Twitter. With Facebook, you can share, like, and comment on Facebook Pages that are in the same field that you’re in.

Social media marketing can be hard work, but by reading this article, I hope it has given you guidance and some good tips on how social media can benefit you. But all that hard work you put in to build up your social media network will with pay off, big time.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog! If still have some questions about social media marketing, or if this helped you, then let me know in the comments. Liked the topic? Well, you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and WordPress using the links below. 🙂


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