5 Great Services for Email Marketing Campaigns

The possibilities of email marketing are almost endless. If you have a business website or blog, then you need to use email marketing in your internet marketing strategies. And I can’t stress how much you need to be building an email list if you have a blog or business. Why is it so important for a blog or business to have an email list?

The reason is if you don’t have an email list, then you’re losing return visitors and potential customers – Derek Halpern goes as far to say that you’re an idiot if you’re not building an email list. Which is why it’s so important to use email marketing for your site.

So without further ado, here are 5 great email marketing services to use for your email marketing campaigns! 🙂





Mad Mimi






Our first email marketing service on the list is AWeber. Founded in 1998 by Tom Kulzer with over 120,000 customers to date. AWeber is a great email service trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Let’s see what AWeber has to offer and why so many businesses are using AWeber for their email campaigns today.



If you just want to try AWeber, then you can a have 30 free day trial to use all AWeber features (after the 30 days you’re required to buy AWeber if you would like to continue the service). So if you just want to get a feel for AWeber, then I suggest that you use the 30-day trial just to see if AWeber is for you.

If AWeber is something that you like, then I will now go into the costs of using AWeber for your business/blog.

Like most email marketing software, the amount you pay will determine the limit on how many subscribers the services will host.

  • Starting at $19 per month, you can get up to 500 subscribers

Now if you want to raise the limit of 500 subscribers for your email listing, then here are the prices for over 500 subscribers.

  • At $29 per month, the limit is 501-2,500 subscribers.
  • At $49 per month, the limit is 2,501-5,500 subscribers.
  • At $69 per month, the limit is 5,001-10,000 subscribers.
  • At $149 per month, the limit is 10,001-25,000 subscribers.
  • And if you have over 25,000 subscribers, then you can get a quote from AWeber.

Note: To sign up for the 30-day free trial, you’re required to enter your credit card information (you will be charged after 30 days unless you close your account).



AWeber is powerful email marketing software with 32 features for your email marketing strategies. Here are some of the great features that AWeber has to offer.


Campaign Creation

aweber campaign creation

Creating an email campaign (called messages in AWeber) with AWeber is easy to use with its drag and drop feature.

And while it’s easy to create and add features, I’ve found that the preview & test feature could be improved with a mobile friendly preview of your campaign.



Not only does it offer drag and drop creation of campaigns, but it also has the option to create a plain text campaign and HTML coded campaigns.



aweber autoresponders

The AWeber autoresponder system is great when you want the most control when it comes to sending your subscribers to follow up emails. But the process isn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be.

But the fact that you have more functions and control for your AWeber autoresponder compared to other autoresponders may be the reason you would want to use AWeber.


Signup Forms

aweber signup forms

AWeber signup forms are easy to use and offer a ton of templates for you to use on your website. And while the design of the templates isn’t bad, some of the templates would look much better if they were updated to have a better design.

(You don’t have much customization with AWeber signup forms like other email services. E.g no HTML editor to create templates from scratch.)

You can have different types of signup forms which are:

  1. Inline Forms – Basic forms that can be embedded into your page.
  2. Pop-Over Forms – Will pop-up and hover over the current web page.
  3. Lightbox Form – like the Pop-Over Form, but will darken the page behind the form.
  4. Pop-Up Form – Will open the form in a new window.


RSS to Email

AWeber has support to convert your RSS feed to email campaigns, that will send out emails to your subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post. I did, however, have an issue previewing what my email would look like when broadcasted (just shows merge tags instead of showing RSS content in preview).


Email Templates

While AWeber has a lot of great features, I see that some of the email templates that they provide aren’t the best in terms of design (they could look a lot better). And they do have quite a large selection of templates (700+), but most of them look outdated. And when switching to another template, it doesn’t copy over the best.

However, if this isn’t a concern of yours, then AWeber would be great for you to go with if you want full control over your email campaigns.

One great thing about the AWeber templates is the access to 6,000+ stock images and custom buttons that come packed with it.


Subscriber Management

When it comes to managing your subscribers, AWeber has got it right. AWeber is easy if you want to import your subscribers, track your subscribers, or use a feature from AWeber called “Subscriber Segmentation” which allows you to target your subscribers by age, location if they open your email (or not), what pages they have visited on your site and much more!

And with most email marketing services, you can import subscribers into AWeber with the following file formats:

  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • TSV
  • CSV
  • TXT

Subscriber management with AWeber is powerful, and if this is what you need then AWeber has got it.


Email Tracking & Reports

AWeber has great tracking for your email marketing campaigns. From your email open rates, to how many sales you’ve made with certain emails. AWeber email tracking is very accurate and gives you all the information you need when it comes to analyzing your campaigns.


A/B Split Testing

aweber split test forms

AWeber support for A/B split testing is great if you want to see which signup form will perform the best on your site. The A/B testing in AWeber will rotate both signup forms on your site, and will tell you which form gets more opt-ins.



Said to have one of the highest deliverability rates, AWeber boasts a 99% delivery rate. So you can count on AWeber to make sure your subscribers get your emails!


Another great thing about AWeber is their amazing customer support. They have expert customer support every day of the week, with email marketing guides and a knowledge base to help you with your email campaigns.

You can see why people say AWeber has some of the best customer support when it comes to email marketing software.


User interface

While some features in AWeber are easy to use, some people might find it somewhat difficult to get around, and use the user interface that AWeber has. It comes with a lot of great features for you to use, but it may take a bit of time to get used to using AWeber.




With AWeber, you can connect your AWeber account to your social media, E-commerce, Landing Pages and much more.

aweber integrations

AWeber has over 70 integrations from popular apps such as:

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • LeadPages
  • PayPal
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • SumoMe
  • OptinMonster
  • Zendesk
  • Zapier
  • Wistia
  • Eventbrite
  • And much More!


Try AWeber free for 30 days today!






Mailchimp was founded in 2001, and currently sends over 600 million emails every day. It is a very popular email marketing service, with over 10 million customers around the world, is very easy to use, and has clean design throughout the site.



Mailchimp pricing increments in the amount of subscribers you have, but if you have less than 2,000 subscribers (called the Forever Free Plan), then Mailchimp is absolutely free for you to use with a limit of 12,000 emails a month (this makes Mailchimp very attractive for people starting email marketing).

Note: Some features are not available with a free Mailchimp account.

Note: It is not required for you to enter your credit card information for your free sign up.


Here are the prices for under 50,000 subscribers.

(The paid services start at $10 a month for unlimited emails up to 500 subscribers.)

Monthly Examples

Subscribers Monthly Price Send Limit
0 – 500 $10.00 unlimited
501 – 1,000 $15.00 unlimited
2,001 – 2,500 $30.00 unlimited
2,801 – 5,000 $50.00 unlimited
5,801 – 10,000 $75.00 unlimited
12,801 – 25,000 $150.00 unlimited
32,001 – 50,000 $240.00 unlimited


MailChimp also provides a pay as you go system, here are the costs:

Pay as You Go

Prepay Amount Credits Price Per Email
$9.00 300 $0.03
$30.00 1,000 $0.03
$60.00 2,000 $0.03
$100.00 5,000 $0.02
$150.00 7,500 $0.02
$200.00 10,000 $0.02
$250.00 25,000 $0.01
$500.00 50,000 $0.01
$750.00 75,000 $0.01
$1,000.00 200,000 $0.01
$1,875.00 375,000 $0.01


(If you would like more information on the pricing, please visit Mailchimp.com)



Mailchimp has 29 professional email marketing features for you to use in your email campaigns. For this article let’s cover the basic features of MailChimp.



mailchimp campaign creation

Creating a campaign in Mailchimp is very easy to do, once you click the Create Campaign button, it will ask you select which type of campaign you would like to create. Once chosen, just follow the steps in the setup, confirm and then you’re good to go!



Also, an easy feature to implement into your email marketing campaigns is a MailChimp autoresponder, this allows you to send automatic follow-up emails after someone subscribes, opens your email, clicks a link in your email, or buys something through your email campaign.

The MailChimp autoresponder is easy to use, and because of this doesn’t offer as much control and email tracking as some people may like (unlike AWeber).

Note: The autoresponder is a paid feature- you can not use autoresponders with a free Mailchimp account.



mailchimp signup form

Mailchimp has over 270 great looking templates for you to use for your signup forms. Not only that, you can create your own templates from scratch using HTML coding (this is a paid feature). Talk about customization!

One thing to consider is that you can’t split test your signup forms like AWeber, so if you want A/B testing to see which form perform better, take into consideration that Mailchimp doesn’t have this feature.



mailchimp rss feed

The RSS campaign is easy to set up and integrates seamlessly into your email marketing campaigns to update your readers about your blog posts/articles. Mailchimp did a great job with this and I suggest you try it out too!



mailchimp email templates

The email templates in Mailchimp look great! And like the forms, you can create your own template with HTML coding. This gives a lot of customization for the design of your email campaigns and puts you in full control.



When it comes to managing subscribers, MailChimp has three great features for you to use. The three features are:

  • Subscriber Segmentation & Groups – Which allows you to target people who are interested in the certain content. And groups allow your subscribers to join groups, and you can segment these groups for your newsletter/campaign.
  • Advanced Segmentation – (this is a paid feature of Mailchimp) This allows you to find content your subscribers are interested in, and allows you to target each subscriber effectively. This gives you more ways to segment your subscribers by their e-commerce purchases, gender, age and more.
  • Subscriber Profiles – Gives you a profile with all the data of each subscriber that you have. You can view each subscriber’s information to see which time zone they’re in if they are using a mobile device, the amount of email opens, email bounces and more. And you can also put notes on a certain subscriber, or even start a conversation with them right in Mailchimp!


Mailchimp offers the data you need for your email campaigns, you can track your open rates, click rates, unsubscribes and much more. But be aware that Mailchimp isn’t quite as accurate as AWeber is with its reports and analytics.

But if you want something that is simpler than Aweber, Mailchimp would be the better option.



Want to know how to send better emails? If so, you can use the Mailchimp A/B split Testing feature, to find the sweet spot for making the best email campaign.

You can build up to three different tests for a set group, and find out which email comes out on top. After the winning email is picked, it can be sent out to everyone who wasn’t in the testing group. Don’t just guess what’s best with your campaigns, test what works best for you and your subscribers.



Mailchimp offers support, but only email support and 24-hour chat support. So if you want to dial in and ask a question with a person on the other line, then that phone services won’t be available to you. Although they do have a knowledge base with video tutorials, quick answers, a glossary, and some quick tips to get you started.

If phone support isn’t a concern, then Mailchimp is still a great option.


User interface

Navigating Mailchimp is very easy to do so, the user interface is clean & simple, and they make it easy to find everything you need. I haven’t found any problems with getting around Mailchimp, so if you want something easy to use, Mailchimp is exactly that.



Mailchimp varies with a deliverability rate of 96%-99% which is a pretty decent score. Deliverability ensures that your emails get sent to your subscribers, so the higher the deliverability rate, the better.


mailchimp integrations

Mailchimp powers ahead with a large collection of over 800 integrations in their directory.

From Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Hootsuite, Paypal etc. whatever you can think of, Mailchimp has most likely had it.


Try MailChimp for free today!





You’ve probably heard of GetResponse before, with over 350,000 customers and sending emails to 1 billion subscribers each month. GetResponse has a great customer base providing loads of features to use for email marketing. And Neil Patel recommends using GetResponse compared to other email marketing services.



With GetResponse, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial without inputting your credit card information. After the 30 day trial is up, you have the option to purchase your GetResponse email service which is divided into four pricing plans, which are:

Email Plan

User limit: 1 user


  • Autoresponders 2.0
  • Landing pages (Basic)
Subscribers Monthly Costs
1,000 $15
2,500 $25
5,000 $45
10,000 $65
25,000 $145
50,000 $250
100,000 $450


Pro Plan

User limit: 3 users


  • Autoresponders 2.0
  • Landing pages (Pro)
  • Webinars 100
Subscribers Monthly Costs
5,000 $49
10,000 $75
25,000 $165
50,000 $280
100,000 $490

Max Plan

User limit: 5 users


  • All Pro features plus:
  • Custom domain
  • Account Manager
  • Webinars 500
Subscribers Monthly Costs
10,000 $165
25,000 $255
50,000 $370
100,000 $580

Enterprise Plan

User limit: 10 users


  • All Max features plus:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • 2+ dedicated IP addresses
  • Max mailout performance
  • Deliverability consulting
Subscribers Monthly Costs
100,000+ $999




GetResponse has 37 powerful features included with its email marketing software (not all features are available to all plans).

Two features that set GetResponse from the rest is that fact that they have Webinars and Landing Pages packaged with their email marketing services.

I have yet to come across an email marketing service that includes both of these two features together, so if those are the two things you need alongside your email marketing campaigns, then you’ll love GetResponse.



getresponse campaign creation

I was very impressed with the GetResponse campaign (newsletter) creation tools, like with Mailchimp it was very easy to use and had dragged and drop functions to quickly create your newsletter.

(You also have the option to code an HTML template for your campaigns.)

I like how you can view the spam score of your newsletter, before sending to avoid your message from getting marked as spam. The GetResponse ‘Inbox Preview’ was a great tool to see what your message would look like on different devices and email platforms, although it was quite slow to load.

What I also noticed, is if you want to use the seminar feature, all you must do is drag and drop it straight into your newsletter which is awesome. And of course, it had a simple mobile preview that comes up on the right side of the screen. Overall, the GetResponse email campaign creation tool is great to work with.



getresponse autoresponders

The GetResponse autoresponder has a bunch of features to target your subscribers. Whether you want to make an autoresponder based on time, how many clicks in your email, for a certain set of subscribers, if the subscriber opens your email or more. Then you can do all of that with the fantastic GetResponse autoresponder.



getresponse signup form

GetResponse has over 500 great looking web signup form templates for you to use for your site.

When browsing their templates, you can clearly see that they put time and effort into the design. And again, the drag and drop feature is implemented into the signup form templates with all the fields you need to customize your form.

In addition, you have the option to create an HTML form (for ultimate customization), use list builder apps, and integrations for your signup form.



getresponse rss

GetResponse has some nice looking templates perfect for an RSS feed to email campaign, and I like how you can change the colour palettes for each one in the preview. And I like that you can connect Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter to your RSS to Email campaign too. Nice one GetResponse. 🙂




With over 500 professionally designed email templates, GetResponse will always give you the tools to send high-quality email campaigns to all of your subscribers.

getreponse templates



GetResponse has solid Subscriber Segmentation with features such as:

  • Subscriber custom data
  • Geolocation – The location of your subscribers.
  • Subscription date and source
  • Email activity/behaviour (opens and clicks)
  • Last message date
  • Subscriber engagement
  • Completeness of autoresponder cycle

With Subscriber Segmentation, you can group your subscribers based on their details and send targeted emails to any group. And GetResponse makes this even easier with their One-Click Segmentation feature.



Getresponse has very in-depth email tracking and analytics while been intuitive at the same time. It has basics such as tracking email open rates, unsubscribe rates, clicked links etc.

GetResponse has other additional analytic features included which are:

  • Metrics Over Time – Data to help you find the best time to send your subscribers your emails.
  • Real Email ROI – See the conversion rates for email campaigns on your website. You can install a tracking code on your site, and track sales, sign ups or visits on your website that arrive via a link from your email campaign.
  • Autoresponder Statistics – Displays data in graphs to see how your autoresponders are performing.
  • Email Clients Stats – Shows you how your subscribers view/read your emails. This can through desktops, mobiles, yahoo, Gmail etc.



GetResponse has an intuitive A/B Testing setup for your split testing campaigns.

It’s very straightforward, and you can get all the results and data you need. It’s always important to test, and split testing with GetResponse is a great way to go.


98% of GetResponse customers were happy with their services. With email support, FAQ, video tutorials, manuals, 24/7 live chat and 34 agents ready to help, you’ll always have great customer support with GetResponse (GetResponse has won 4 customer service awards.)


USER interface

The user interface for GetResponse has a nice layout, looks great, and is easy to find what you need. So when it comes to the UI, everything is done just right.



Like AWeber, GetResponse also has a deliverability rate of 99% – you can rest assured knowing that your newsletters will be sent to your subscribers with GetResponse.




The GetResponse App Center has 112 popular apps to integrate into your email marketing campaigns. From Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Salesforce and much more!getresponse integrations


Try GetResponse free for 30 days today!



 Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi

If you want a simple & easy email marketing service, then look no further than Mad Mimi. The whole idea of Mad Mimi is to provide people with a simple email marketing service while looking great at the same time. Mad Mimi may not be packed with a bunch of features, but is very simple and is easy to use.

Mad Mimi sends over 40 million emails every single day.



Mad Mimi starts out with a free plan that lets you send unlimited emails for up to 100 contacts. This is great if you’re just starting out, and you can upgrade after your 100 subscribers.

(No credit card required for free sign up.)

Mad Mimi is the cheaper option among email marketing services, so you may want to go for Mad Mimi if you want something that’s affordable (though cheaper in price, Mad Mimi still gives a quality service).

These are the prices for all four plans:



  • Normal speed
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited storage
Subscribers Monthly Cost
500 $10
1,000 $12
2,500 $16
5,000 $27



  • 2×speed
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited Storage
Subscribers Monthly Cost
10,000 $42
15,000 $59
25,000 $89
25,000 $139



  • 3× speed
  • Limit of 2,500,000 emails
  • Unlimited storage
Subscribers Monthly Cost
50,000 $199
75,000 $279
100,00 $369
150,000 $549
250,000 $749



  • 4× speed
  • Unlimited 3,500,000 emails
  • Unlimited Storage
Subscribers Monthly Cost
350,000 $1,049



The Mad Mimi approach to email marketing in one word is simple.

With 16 features, Mad Mimi doesn’t come with tons of email marketing features, it just wants to offer simple email marketing software for businesses to utilize.

Besides, the company’s slogan is “Simple Lovely Email”, so that is exactly what you will get from Mad Mimi.


mad mimi campaign creation

I don’t think Mad Mimi could make creating campaigns any easier than it already is! It’s so easy to do that it’s pretty much impossible to find it hard to use it. It has an easy to use drag and drop feature, and you can create plain text and custom HTML emails too.

And if you have trouble using the editor, Mad Mimi will help you by showing you two videos to get started, when composing your email campaign for the first time.



mad mimi autoresponder

Mad Mimi autoresponders (Drip Campaigns) are available in the Add Things (add-on) page and are super easy to set up.

First, you must create a list on the Audience page (next to dashboard button). Once created, you can then switch on the Drip Campaigns feature and create your drip campaign. Like most basic autoresponders, you can choose to set the delay of messages to which list you’re sending the email campaigns to.



mad mimi webform

The signup form covers all the basics for putting it on your site to collect emails and subscribers. But when I say it’s basic, it really is. And although I love the simple approach of Mad Mimi, I don’t think it would’ve hurt to add a few templates for the Web Forms, but at least, it’s very user-friendly.



mad mimi rss

Like the campaign creator, setting up your RSS to Email Campaign is very easy to do as well (I know I keep saying easy, but it really is!). Just put in your feed URL customize the look of the email, and you’re good to go!




Email templates come in the form of themes and are just colour palettes for your email campaign. Now if you want loads customization and templates, then Mad Mimi isn’t for you.

mad mimi templates

But if you want something that is basic and you don’t need lots of customization, then Mad Mimi is perfect for you and your business.



Mad Mimi uses automated suppression of email bounces, unsubscribes, unlimited lists, segmentation and much more. It’s easy to import subscribers with CSV files (or you can just paste them into Mad Mimi).

You can segment your subscribers & add them to lists to manage all of your subscribers with Mad Mimi.



Mad Mimi makes email tracking easy, and all this data easily accessible by displaying it on one page with all your reports.

The reports are not hard to understand, and don’t have a lot of detailed information, but provides just enough for what you need for tracking your email campaigns.



Because Mad Mimi likes to keep things simple, they don’t offer an A/B testing feature in their email services. This may determine if Mad Mimi is what you are looking for when it comes to email marketing.



Mad Mimi has email support and 24-hour chat support services if you need some assistance.

Note: Mad Mimi doesn’t offer phone support.


USER interface

The user interface of Mad Mimi is painless to navigate to find everything you need. They have done the layout really well, and I can assure you that you’ll have no problem finding what you need.


Mad Mimi is known for having good delivery rates, but the deliverability must be good when Seth Godin, Kellogg’s, StumbleUpon, and AOL use Mad Mimi to market online!



mad mimi integrations

With almost 100 integrations (93 to be exact), you’ve got a lot of tools to insert into your Mad Mimi email marketing campaigns. Mad Mimi has support for Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Etsy, and much more!


Try Mad Mimi for free today!





From starting in a small office in a medical building with three people and one desk to growing over 500,000 customers to date, you can see that Benchmark is a reputable email marketing service. Benchmark has plenty of happy customers, let’s find out why.


Like MailChimp, Benchmark is completely free for up to 2,000 subscribers and has a limit of 14,000 emails per month. And credit cards are not required for the free sign up.

Here is a list of their paid plans:

Startup plans

Subscribers Sends Per Month Cost Per Month USD
600 Unlimited $11.19
1,00 Unlimited $18.95
1,500 Unlimited $24.95
2,500 Unlimited $28.95
3,500 Unlimited $39.95
5,000 Unlimited $46.95
7,500 Unlimited $59.95
10,000 Unlimited $73.95


Medium Plans

Subscribers Sends Per Month Cost Per Month USD
15,000 Unlimited $96.95
20,000 Unlimited $120.95
25,000 Unlimited $149.95
30,000 Unlimited $179.95
35,000 Unlimited $191.95
40,000 Unlimited $204.95
45,000 Unlimited $217.95
50,000 Unlimited $230.95


Large Sender Plans

Subscribers Sends Per Month Cost Per Month USD
55,000 770,000 $260.00
60,000 840,000 $315.00
65,000 910,000 $327.00
70,000 980,000 $339.00
75,000 1,050,000 $352.00
80,000 80,000 $360.00
85,000 1,190,000 $382.50
90,000 1,260,000 $405.00
95,000 1,330,000 $427.50
100,000 1,400,000 $449.95



Benchmark Email has 17 email marketing features that are provided in their service including the two added features: Surveys & Polls, they are great it use in your email marketing strategies. And with these features you have a strong platform to market your business using email marketing.

Now we will cover the basic features of Benchmark Email marketing software.


benchmark campaign creation

Benchmark has basics covered with an HTML email editor, plain text email editor, and your standard drag & drop email editor.

The drag and drop editor is nice, but when dropping it takes a few seconds to load, unlike other drag and drop editors that drop it into your email layout instantly.

The Drag & Drop editor comes with an alternate plain text version, and you get a preview what you email would look like on a smartphone too.



benchmark autoresponder

Benchmark uses a list that you have made to send automated messages to your list of subscribers. Once you have selected the list you want to send to, you can choose if you want to:

  • Automatically send emails to Contacts when they are added to a list.
  • Send Birthday or Anniversary emails.
  • Send timed Reminder emails based on dates in your Contact Details.
  • Enable Google Analytics tracking.

It’s so quick and easy to set up, and before you know it you’ll be done!



benchmark signup forms

With Benchmark Email signup forms you can collect contacts from Twitter and Facebook, which is a great way to build up your email list.

You can create a signup form using a:

  1. Small Embed Form – The quickest option to set up.
  2. Classic Form – Provides more customization with pre-made templates than the Small Embed Form.
  3. Third Party Signup Form – Allows you to create a third-party form with Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Unbounce, Twitter, and Magento Go.
  4. Easy List Builder App – Allows you to use to build forms with desktop and tablet devices.

The only gripe I have with the signup forms is that the design for the Classic Templates could look better, Benchmark could do with more signup form templates overall.



benchmark rss

Like with the normal campaign creator, the RSS email campaign creator also has all three options to create a layout for your email (HTML email editor, plain text email editor, and drag & drop email editor). And works almost exactly the same apart from using RSS merge tags because it’s an RSS campaign.

So if you decide that you want to switchover/add an RSS Campaign with Benchmark, you can do so with ease.




benchmark templates

Benchmark has a wide range of email templates for you to use that are very aesthetically pleasing and are a breeze to edit. I can definitely recommend Benchmark for their email templates to quickly create a great looking email newsletter/campaign. 🙂



With Benchmark Email segmentation, you can pinpoint who you want to target in your database of subscribers. You can create a defined list of subscribers, organize your lists of subscribers by demographics, and much more with Benchmark while keeping the process easy to do.

Lists are made by importing contacts. You can import contacts by copy and pasting email addresses, or you can import them with .xls, .csv. and .txt files.

Note: You can search for a certain subscriber with the search contacts feature.



Get in-depth email tracking reports with Benchmark by tracking your last sent emails Opens, clicks, bounces; tracking all of your emails with an option to compare them; view your A/B testing results; see how well your autoresponders are doing, and track the reports on your created surveys & polls.

As you can see, Benchmark is great for tracking your email marketing campaigns.



With Benchmark Email A/B Split Testing, you can:

  • Test your campaigns to see which one will gain more clicks than the other.
  • Compare subject lines and from names to increase the conversion of email open rates.
  • Find the perfect time to send your emails to your subscriber lists.

Note: This feature is not available in the free version.



The support that Benchmark has is very good. They have 24hr chat support, 24hr request submission, phone support to dial in for support with a real person, the learning center and more.

Some might compare Benchmark to Mailchimp, but when it comes to support, Benchmark has phone call support, and that gives it the extra edge.


USER interface

I had no problems using the Benchmark dashboard and other pages to use the Benchmark Email features. Everything is easy to find and the UI is very intuitive. I love the Benchmark UI, and if you tried it for free, I’m sure you would too! 🙂


Benchmark Email staff and partners work together with both Internet and email service providers (The Email Sender & Provider Coalition, & Return Path), to make sure your emails get sent to your readers.



With integrations of over 300 apps including FreshBooks Flickr, PayPal, Gmail, and Google Drive, you can use all your favourite applications to use with Benchmark Email.

benchmark integrations

Use any of the 300 apps you like, and take control of your email marketing strategies with Benchmark Email integrations.


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One size doesn’t fit all, so you have to find what works best for you when finding an email marketing service for your business.

If you want plain and simple email marketing software then Mad Mimi may be for you.

However, you need all the analytics and reports, then AWeber might be on the top of your list.

If you want something in between the two (Mad Mimi & AWeber) then consider trying Mailchimp or Benchmark.

And last but not least, is GetResponse which is a great all-rounder with extra Landing page & Webinar features.


Still not sure which service to choose? Not to worry, you can always try each one to see which one is right for you (they say you never know until you try 🙂 ).

Here are all of the services that have been covered in this article:

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Try MailChimp for free today!

Try GetResponse free for 30 days today!

Try Mad Mimi for free today!

Try Benchmark for free today!


4 thoughts on “5 Great Services for Email Marketing Campaigns

    • Hi there Hannah! I did this to provide value for people who want to find a email marketing service provider.
      And you’re right, it did take me quite a while to write this post. 🙂

      I’m so glad to hear that you found this article helpful (my goal is to provide value).

      Kind regards,



  1. Hi Benjamin,

    Wow, what an informative post! You’ve done your research. I use MailChimp and have been quite happy with them. I’ve never heard of Benchmark. Another name that’s been buzzing quite a bit is ConvertKit. MailChimp is great for starting out but the segmentation can be quite tedious. Many of my colleagues are switching over to ConvertKit as it’s intuitive and offers more options. I’m not quite ready to go there but may be beneficial later down the road.

    Thanks for the in-depth reviews of major email marketing services!

    Take care,


    • Hi there Lilian,

      I too have heard about ConvertiKit a lot too.
      In fact, I think I will write up a review/add it to this post.

      Mailchimp is great for some people, but if you want more control over your email marketing tools, then you may want to reconsider other options.

      Thank you so much for commenting Lilian. 🙂

      All the best,



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