18 Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now

Ever wanted to learn more about content marketing but don’t know where to start?

Well, in this article you can find 18 high-quality content marketing blogs that will help you get all the information you need for your content marketing strategies.

So if you’re interested in content marketing, here are blogs that everyone should subscribe to!

1. Blog Tyrant



Founded by Ramsay Taplin, Blog Tyrant started out as an anonymous blog until Ramsay landed a guest post on ViperChill in 2012. The guest post became a huge success for him and he got 400+ comments.

Blog Tyrant has 20,000+ subscribers with a set aim to provide valuable insights on content marketing/blogging, SEO, and other effective internet marketing strategies.

Why You Should Follow “Blog Tyrant”

Ramsay Taplin, Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant is a blog you must follow if you want to:

  1. learn how to optimize your site using SEO
  2. Skyrocket traffic to your blog
  3. Use blogging tools and resources
  4. Discover lots of other ways to market you business online
  5. Or improve your blog/site overall with Ramsay’s in-depth blog posts

I highly recommend you visit Blog Tyrant for these reasons.

In addition, he also has a great free resource on his blog called “My 5-Step Strategy For Successful Blogging” which is perfect for any blogger to download, since the tips are tried and proven to give amazing results.


Want more? Well here is a short list of the best articles on Blog Tyrant:

Revealed: 19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog

SEO for Idiots: The 10 Basics of Blogging Search Engine Optimization

How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes – Step by Step


Follow Blog Tyrant: Facebook – Google+ – TwitterYouTube

2. Smart Blogger



Smart blogger (previously known as Boost Blog Traffic) was created by Jon Morrow in 2012, and focuses on strategies that allow bloggers to:

  1. Get lots of traffic to their site
  2. Earn a full-time income from blogging alone
  3. How to improve your article writing skills
  4. Building your blog reputation/authority
  5. Pursuing your blogs end goal(s)


Why You Should Follow “Smart Blogger”

Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger (Previously Blog Boost Traffic)

If you need guidance on how to improve your blogging skills to as much as possible, then Jon Morrow
has the information you need!

Smart Blogger  publishes high-quality articles every week with actionable insights that you can get straight into your email inbox.

I highly recommend giving Smart Blogger a read to expand your content marketing knowledge.

And on his blog he has a free “cheat sheet” for blog posts that will go viral (getting you tons of traffic to your blog).


And here are some of Smart Blogger’s best articles to read:

How to Make Money Blogging – Best Guide for 2016

An Open Letter to Bloggers Struggling to Get More Traffic

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads


Follow Smart Blogger: TwitterFacebook


3. Mostly Blogging



Mostly Blogging, created by Janice Wald, is a blog that aims to help other bloggers with content creation and traffic generation.

It provides practical solutions and established strategies to improve your blog. Mostly Blogging has suggestions that will make a difference.


Why “Mostly Blogging” Was Created

“I was in the beauty parlor over the weekend sitting idly by waiting for my turn.  I decided to read Jon Morrow’s articles on blogging tips.  He’s good.  An article written by him sat in my inbox for a long time.  Not believing it had any practical use for me since it looked like an anecdote, I ignored it.  It was only when I was so bored waiting for my turn that I read it.  What irony.  It changed the course and direction of my future, or at least my blogging future.” – Janice Wald

Read more…

Why You Should Follow “Mostly Blogging”

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

By following my suggestions, bloggers will be able to increase their content’s visibility.  Mostly Blogging has tips for engaging readers, improving content and increasing traffic.

“Whether you are a business blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a parent blogger, or a veteran or inexperienced blogger, there are tips that will help you at my site” – Janice Wald

And you can get your free Cheat Sheet PDF download that will give you the tips, tricks, and blogging tools you need to grow your blog!


Mostly Blogging has lots of great articles, here are some of the best:

17 Ways Inbound.org Will Make You a Better Blogger

79 of the Most Effective Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic

89 of the Best Free Blogging Tools That Will Save You Time Blogging



Follow Mostly Blogging: Google+ – Twitter Facebook Facebook Page – Pinterest – StumbleUpon


4. Convince & Convert

Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting.jpeg



Founded by Jay Baer in 2008, Convince & Convert is a company with experts in digital marketing willing to give you actionable advice to increase your businesses success online.

The Convince & Convert team have professional experience in, content marketing, and social media marketing. You can rest assured that Convince & Convert will give you the results you need to market your business online.

Why You Should Follow “Convince & Convert”

Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

The Convince & Convert blog covers a wide range of digital marketing topics.

These topics range from:

  • Community Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Mobile
  • And even more!

So if you need any tips for your digital marketing strategies, then you’ll probably want to take a look at the Convince & Convert blog that provides expert advice in highly detailed and comprehensive articles.

And if you’re a bookworm, then Jay has tangible internet marketing books for you read in your spare time. And he also has a ton of eBooks for download too jam-packed with valuable information. If this peaks your interest you can check out all of Jay’s books and eBooks on his website.

And here are some of Convince & Convert’s popular posts:

4 Steps to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

105 Types of Content to Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar

Why You Need a Business Strategy, Not a Social Strategy


Follow Convince & Convert: TwitterFacebookLinkedInSlideshare

5. Tigerlily Virtual Assistance



TigerlilyVA provides visual marketing tips to entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to connect with people with social media and blogging. Lillian De Jesus, Founder, and Owner of TigerlilyVA loves to teach others about tools businesses can use to help them with productivity, create relationships through blogging, and capture leads through visual marketing.

Why “TigerlilyVA” Was Created

“I started blogging just a few years ago when I started my virtual assistance business. My business coach highly recommended blogging and although I was frightened to get started I jumped right into it. I had no clue what to write about however it became easier once I established my niche, which is visual marketing.” – Lilian De Jesus

Why You Should Follow “TigerlilyVA”

Lilian De Jesus, TigerlilyVA

Lilian’s blog is a great resource for businesses, Pinterest users, and people with an interest in visual marketing.

Her blog frequently gives actionable insights on tools such as Canva to design stunning graphics for your blog (without being a graphic designer) and has great tips for getting the most out of Pinterest for your social media marketing needs.

Also if you subscribe to TigerlilyVA, you can get a free digital book providing insight on how to use Canva like a business professional and more!


Take a look at Lilian’s best articles on her blog:

Top Business Tools Freelancers Need to Succeed & Grow

4 Elements To Make Blogging For Business Successful

Make Your Pinterest Images Pin-Worthy




Follow Tigerlily Virtual Assistance: Twitter – Pinterest

 6. Shout Me Loud



ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agrawal is a great blog to read if you want to make money online by blogging. You don’t have to commute to the 9-5 job every day, Harsh can show you how to how to make a living from your blog alone!

Why You Should Follow “ShoutMeLoud”

Harsh Agarwal, ShoutMeLoud

Not only does the ShoutMeLoud Blog cover how to make money blogging, but it also covers topics like:

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • WordPress Tips & Tutorials
  • Blogging Strategies & Tools
  • And much more!

And if you join the ShoutMeLoud newsletter with over 22,000+ subscribers you will never miss a post!

Check out ShoutMeLoud today! 🙂


Here are some great articles from ShoutMeLoud:

How to Make Money from Hostgator’s Affiliate Program

6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Blog Readership & Grow Your Blog

How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress


Follow Shout Me Loud: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+Instagram


7. Blogging From Paradise



This blog is all about traffic generation and earning an income from blogging while traveling worldwide.

The blog author and founder, Ryan Biddulph blogs about all this while blogging from exotic places like:

  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Peru
  • Fiji
  • And much more!

Why “Blogging From Paradise Was Created”

“I started blogging to free myself from the chains of my 9-5 job. Although it was a 4-12 job.

I’d worked normal office jobs for years then a security guard job with crazy hours. Sometimes 18 hour days, from 6 AM to 12 AM, were sprung on me. I was sick of giving up my life for numbers on a paycheck so when I got downsized I built a blog to own my freedom and to have fun expressing myself creatively.”  – Ryan Biddulph

Why You Should “Follow Blogging From Paradise”

Ryan Biddulph, Blogging From Paradise

Ryan not only shows you how to grow your blog’s income and traffic, but he gives insight on how blogging can give you the time to travel the world. The great thing about blogging is that it can be done anywhere while you earn passive income.

If you want to travel the world and blog at the same time, this is the blog you need to follow!

Plus he has tons of awesome eBooks (currently 124 at the time of writing)  for download at his amazon page packed with a lot of valuable information for you to digest.


Follow Blogging From Paradise: Twitter – Facebook


8. Traffic Smart Marketing


The Traffic Smart Marketing blog was created by Tom Southern in 2012, with the primary focus on teaching people how to increase traffic to their blog.

This blog is a must read for anyone interested in traffic generation.


Why “Traffic Smart Marketing” Was Created

“I started Traffic Smart Marketing to help bloggers struggling to get traffic because the tactics they were being told to use weren’t working. I want to give them the missing steps and help them get that traffic so they can fulfill their dreams.” – Tom Southern

Why You Should Follow “Traffic Smart Marketing”

Tom Southern, Traffic Smart Marketing

Tom’s blog posts articles on traffic generation truly work, and if these strategies are put into action, you will see the results.

And the sites blog posts provide tons of effective solutions to common problems such as:

  1. A low amount of blog page views
  2. Struggling to keep readers engaged and getting your content seen
  3. Can’t find a direction for your blog

You can also opt-in to Tom’s weekly traffic generation emails so you’ll never miss any tips to grow your blog!


Here are some of Tom’s most popular articles for you to browse:

How To Get Traffic When Everything You’ve Tried So Far Has Failed (and You Feel Like Giving Up)

Blogging Tips, Strategies And Tactics: How To Sort Through The Pile and Find The One That’ll (Actually) Work For You

Still Struggling To Find Your Niche? Here’s Why…


Follow Traffic Smart Marketing: Twitter

9. CoSchedule




CoSchedule is a content marketing tool with the intent of allowing bloggers to save time and refine their content marketing strategies. It allows you to share your articles on social media with ease, allows you repurpose your old blog posts, and much more!

With over 95,000 subscribers, the CoSchedule blog focus was mainly on content marketing. But now the Coschedule blog covers a great range of digital marketing topics such as:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

These are key topics to take note of in online marketing, and CoSchedule covers them all. 🙂

Why the “CoSchedule Blog” was Created

“The CoSchedule blog started as a way for us to build an audience who wanted to learn how to manage their content marketing more efficiently. Since then, it’s grown to cover blogging, social media, email marketing, and related content marketing topics.” – Nathan Ellering

Why You Should Follow “CoSchedule”

Nathan Ellering, CoSchedule – Content Marketing Lead

CoSchedule creates articles with information to help you grow your blog – whether for business or personal blogging reasons.


The blog creates detailed content on:

  1. How you can build traffic to your site or blog
  2. How to effectively use social media marketing, with amazing results
  3. How the CoSchedule tool can improve your content marketing strategies
  4. How you can get the most our of email marketing – a must for bloggers
  5. And a lot more tips and tricks to save time, grow your following etc.

All this type of valuable information can be sent to you every week  just by subscribing to the CoSchedule blog! That sounds like a no-brainer to me. 🙂

Also, why not try the Coschedule tool for with 14-day free trial? It’s packed with a ton of great features I’m sure you’ll love.

Without further ado, here are some of the best articles on CoSchedule’s blog:

Best Times To Post on Social Media (What 10 Studies Say)

The Ultimate Guide To Using Color Psychology In Marketing + Free Color Schemes

How To Promote Your Blog With 105 Content Promotion Tactics


Follow CoSchedule: Twitter – Facebook – Google+


10. Successful Blogging



Sue Dunlevie, the owner of Successful Blogging, has a whole host of information on how you can make money from blogging (over $1000!).

If you want to make your blog profitable or a full-time job, Successful Blogging will give you the knowledge to do so (with awesome results).

She also shows you how to grow an engaged audience to further help you grow your blog to where you want/need it to be.

Why You Should Follow “Successful Blogging”

Sue Ann Dunlevie, Successful Blogging

If it isn’t already known why you should follow Successful Blogging, then here are the main reasons:

  1. You want to make money from your blog
  2. You want to increase your blog traffic
  3. You want blogging strategies that work
  4. You want to grow your following and blog audience
  5. You want to increase your blog’s conversion rates

If any of these are ticking your boxes, then following Successful Blogging would be highly beneficial.

Not only that, but she offers a free 5 step cheat sheet for earning $1000 from your blog!


Sue has a huge amount of great articles, but here are some that stand out:

110 Top Bloggers And Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Successful Social Media Action

7 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Make Money From Your Blog

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog


Follow Successful Blogging: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest


11. Be a Money Blogger



Mi Muba is the founder of Be A Money Blogger, a blog that aims to educate people on how to make money from blogging. Mi has been blogging for four years with a lot of experience to show. And has made over 1,00o articles with a high-quality standard.

Why “Be A Money Blogger” Was Created

“Earlier I was financial reporter and had sound knowledge of share market. I knew the fact if awareness in local language is imparted to low income group people they can add into their monthly income by investing in share market after getting basic skills on how to invest.

With these thoughts in mind I started my first blog www.sarmayakar.com in 2010 in Urdu (a local language of my country Pakistan) to make people aware on capital markets.

While running that blog I got to know the real earning potential of blogging and then gradually shifted my entire focus on blogging and became a full-time blogger since 2012.” – Mi Muba

Why You Should Follow “Be A Money Blogger”

Mi Muba, Be A Money Blogger

Al of Mi’s content will drive you into the direction of earning an income from your blog, how to promote your content, and other blogging tips to utilize for your blogging needs.

By reading and putting Mi Muba’s blog posts into action, then your blog will succeed and you will be able to earn a great amount of money from it.

So if you ever thought about monetizing your blog, then you should definitely follow Be A Money Blogger.


Here are some of the best and most popular articles on Be A Money Blogger:

5 widely-followed methods to make a successful blog

How to write quality comments on 30 blog posts daily in 3½ hours?

What should be the ideal length of blog comments?

Follow Be a Money Blogger: Facebook – Google+LinkedInPinterestRSSTwitter


12. LeapFroggr



LeapFrogger is founded by Dennis Seymour. His aim is to give businesses and entrepreneurs digital marketing advice that works and gets the results you need to for your business.

He has a passion for growing businesses, and he is an internet marketer who focuses on SEO, content marketing, and detailed case studies.

If you ever need support or guidance with digital marketing, LeapFroggr is the one to call on.

Why “LeapFroggr” Was Created

“I had 3 reasons. I needed to prove something to myself, I needed to get the word out there when I started my company and I wanted to teach people. The market is so huge and competitive that it’s both scary and exciting which makes it a great experience overall.” – Dennis Seymour

Why You Should Follow “LeapFroggr”

Dennis Seymour, LeapFroggr

The LeapFroggr blog is a great resource for content marketing, SEO, and general digital marketing content. If you give his content a read, you are sure to gain actionable insights on how to market your business online, without any misinformation or hassle whatsoever.

You simply get articles with high-value information that will help any entrepreneur or business owner.

He also has two free eBooks for download plus digital marketing articles delivered to your inbox. The first eBook being: Digital Marketing for Digital Entrepreneurs

& Businesses Owners that shows you how to get started with digital marketing and much more.

And the second eBook: Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins for Blogs which isn’t only for businesses, but is also great for bloggers who want to get their site optimized for search engines (in turn getting search engine traffic from Google, Bing, etc).

And here are the some most popular articles from the LeapFroggr blog:

Why Blogging Can Help Your SEO: A 110% Increase the Easy Way

My Go-to Link Building Strategy That Skyrockets Websites to the Moon

Get More Customers by Following a Digital Marketing Plan


Follow LeapFroggr: FacebookTwitterGoogle+RSS


13. Blog Marketing Academy



David Risley is the founder of Blog Marketing Academy. And he gives actionable insights on how you can grow or start your blog and earn money online (that will give you the time and freedom you want/need). David also studied Information Systems and sold his technology blog, PCMech for six figures.

Why You Should Follow “Blog Marketing Academy”

David Risley, Blog Marketing Academy

David has been blogging since 1998, and he has extensive knowledge in the blogging niche which he shares on his blog. He writes about effective blogging strategies to that will guide you to become an online money-making entrepreneur.

Let David show you how blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use for any business, you’ll be glad that you did!


David has created lot of awesome content on his blog, read some of his top guides:

Blog Monetization Model: The Most Effective Blog Revenue Strategy That Exists

2016 Ultimate Guide To Building An Email List: List Building That Works And Makes You Money

Ultimate Blog Promotion Guide: 10 Smartest Things You Can Do to Promote Your New Blog (UPDATED)


Follow Blog Marketing Academy: Facebook Twitter Google+


14. Contently



Despite the name, Contently isn’t just a content marketing company. This platform is a powerhouse for any business or brand since it has teams of:

  • Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Videographers
  • Etc.

to help you strengthen your content marketing campaigns and build strong brand awareness.

Why You Should Follow “Contently”

The Contently blog covers very interesting topics for the internet marketer, and has a big selection of articles about:

  1. B2C – (Business to Consumer)
  2. Media
  3. Brands
  4. B2B – (Business to Business)
  5. ROI – (Return on Investment)
  6. Social Media
  7. And more

As you may see, this blog seems to be very business oriented. Contently provides very key information to analyze if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, which in turn can help you grow your business.


Here are some great articles from Contently to read:

Infographic: 50 Terrible Work Phrases You Need to Stop Using

The 3 Jobs of Content Marketing, and Why One Person Can’t Do Them All


Follow Contently: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook

15. Hannah Edia



Hannah is a full-time writer from Nigeria with great knowledge on content creation

Her blog is about writing great content that simply works, business, and entrepreneurship.

If you’ve ever thought how to create awesome content for your blog, business, etc, then Hannah’s blog may be what you’ve been searching for!

Why You Should Follow “Hannah Edia”

Hannah Edia, Owner of hannahedia.com

You should follow her blog if you want to:

  • Grow your business
  • Start a business
  • Learn how to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Find out how to write content the converts
  • Learn how to make money online (from blogging/writing)

If any one of those things peaks your interest, consider checking out Hannah’s blog. I think you’ll love it! 🙂

She also has a content creation toolkit with 17 resources that she uses when she writes/creates content.

Unlock the toolkit today!

Here are some great articles that Hannah has written on her blog:

55 Relationship Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Building Profitable Relationships — Creating Custom Content to Grow Your Business

Why a Great Idea Will Ruin You (And What to do Instead)

Grow Your Email List | Hannah Edia — Creating Custom Content to Grow Your Business


Follow Hanna Edia: TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+


16. Traffic Generation Café



From the blog name, you’ve probably guessed that Traffic Generation Cafe by Ana Hoffman is primarily targeting on articles that cover how to get traffic to your blog or site.

And one great thing about this blog is that all the traffic tips/tricks are free and they won’t cost you a single penny!

Why You Should Follow “Traffic Generation Cafe”

Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe

Ana delivers multiple ways to increase traffic to your website (and how to make money). From building an email list, using social media, how to create and sell online courses, influencer marketing. You name it, and Traffic Generation Cafe most likely has it!

And if you don’t want to miss out on free traffic generation tips, then you can be notified every time Ana submits a post by signing up to her email list. Awesome! 🙂


And here I picked out some fantastic articles from Ana’s blog for you to read:

Influencer Marketing: 10 Practical Ways to Be Memorable

How to Get Traffic and Links from Blog Roundups

How to Make Your Tweets More Visible [Twitter Traffic Hack]

Follow Traffic Generation Cafe: Google+FacebookPinterestTwitterRSS


17. Become A Blogger



Become A Blogger was created and founded by Leslie Samuel. His blog is for people wanting to make an income or business with blogging.

He provides lots of actionable articles on his blog. And if you give his content a read, you can see his goal is to provide valuable information on using a blog to create a business.

Why You Should Follow “Become A Blogger”

Leslie Samuel, Become A Blogger

Leslie’s delivers free informative articles on his blog if you sign up – plus you get a free report on how to Get Your Blog Up And Running Fast, perfect if you want to start a blog or scale your current blog even more!

And he also has podcasts (that include written content on his site) that you can listen to that can define your content marketing/blogging strategies.

Not only does he talk about blogging, but he also touches on email marketing & social media. So make sure to check out Leslie’s podcasts. 🙂


Here are some Become A Blogger articles that got a lot of social shares:

The Ultimate Snapchat Tutorial

How to Use WordPress Categories and Tags for Maximum Impact

How to Build a Successful Blog as a Busy Person

Follow Become A Blogger: FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInYoutubeInstagramPinterestSoundcloudRSS

18 .Basic Blog Tips


Ileane Smith started her blogging journey in 2009 and is the creator of Basic Blog Tips, which is a blog that provides informative articles with tips for your blog, & how to use social media.

She also has a podcast called the “Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast” which covers blogging, social media, and creating youtube videos.

Why You Should Follow “Basic Blog Tips”

Ileane Smith, Basic Blog Tips

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to blogging, Basic Blog Tips will give you the tools and knowledge base that you need. Or if you’re already a blogger, Ileane has blog posts that can help you make your blog even better than before!

So it doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging, or already have experience in it. Because Basic Blog Tips is a blog that anyone can use to create a very successful blog community.

And she also has a free resource called “5 Must Have Tools to Get Started on Youtube” if you are interested in kickstarting your Youtube channel or if you want to start creating videos (for your blog).


Here are some awesome posts from Basic Blog Tips for you to look at:

10 Writing Tools So Useful It Will Blow Your Creative Mind

4 Content Marketing Hacks to Speed Up Blogging Growth

Follow these 4 Simple Steps for a Killer Personal Brand in 2016

Follow Basic Blog Tips: YoutubePodcastsTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+ FacebookRSS

I hope you enjoyed this roundup post. Please leave a comment below, I’d love your feedback (and I will reply to all of your comments).

Thank you for reading! 🙂

12 thoughts on “18 Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now

  1. This is a great article, especially for those just starting out trying to generate blog traffic! I’m looking forward to visiting these sites, and growing my blog.


  2. Hi Benjamin

    This is one of a few posts where I was featured and will never forget them.
    Having seen so many amazing bloggers I am elated with pride and being honored to be with them. I don’t have words to express my feelings.
    I highly appreciate your idea of putting these blogs together with your words to let your readers know why they should visit these blogs and grow their business.
    Many thanks for sharing and including me in this list.
    Have a super wonderful rest of the week.


  3. Honored to have been included, Benjamin!

    Love it that you included the ‘Why follow me section’ – definitely tips the scale when people are faced with so many blog choices these days!


  4. Hello Benjamin,

    Love this post and your approach. So honored to be featured alongside these online influencers.

    You also managed to answer three of the most important questions for anyone starting out online:

    What: is this blog/niche about
    Why: follow
    Next steps please?

    Great job.


    • It’s a pleasure to have you in the roundup Hannah. 🙂

      And yes, rather than just make a list of bloggers, I thought to give the readers an incentive to follow the blogs.

      That was my main goal in writing the post (the headline reinforces that).

      Thanks Hannah,



  5. Hey Benjamin,

    Great list of blogs here… Very hard to pick a favourite!

    In terms of fresh new content and personalisation, Ana Hoffman’s is a stand out for me. And in terms of professionalism and epic content, CoSchedule is hard to beat.

    Thanks for putting this together.




    • Yes Will,

      Those two blogs are awesome when it comes to great content, which is why I had to include it in this roundup.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback, I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the post!



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