Monday Motivation

18 Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now

Ever wanted to learn more about content marketing but don’t know where to start?

Well, in this article you can find 18 high-quality content marketing blogs that will help you get all the information you need for your content marketing strategies.

So if you’re interested in content marketing, here are blogs that everyone should subscribe to!

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How to Create Powerful Presentations and Infographics with Visme

Copy of VisMe_Logo_Final_Large

Visme is a great tool that allows you to create online presentations and Infographic with ease (even if you’re not a graphic designer). Visme has over 300,000 users and is one of the leading online presentation tools.

Visme also allows you to easily make graphs and charts of your data (e.g spreadsheet) for your presentation or infographic.

It’s also a great alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint (Visme has more features) and has tons of templates for presentations and infographics for you to use. Continue reading

Why It’s Very Important to Be Active on Social Media

If you use social media for business, then having an active social media profile is key in order to get optimal results.

The more work you put into social media, the more you’ll get out of it. The benefits of using social media make it essential for any business to use for marketing.

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5 Great Services for Email Marketing Campaigns

The possibilities of email marketing are almost endless. If you have a business website or blog, then you need to use email marketing in your internet marketing strategies. And I can’t stress how much you need to be building an email list if you have a blog or business. Why is it so important for a blog or business to have an email list?

The reason is if you don’t have an email list, then you’re losing return visitors and potential customers – Derek Halpern goes as far to say that you’re an idiot if you’re not building an email list. Which is why it’s so important to use email marketing for your site.

So without further ado, here are 5 great email marketing services to use for your email marketing campaigns! 🙂

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Why I LOVE Using Twitter For Blogging (And Why You Should Use It Too)

If you’re not already using twitter for your blog, then you are missing out on a big part of building up your blog’s presence. Twitter has over 300 million active users a month and allows you to connect with other people in your niche and you can build meaningful relationships with people via twitter to get people to see and be interested in your content. When it comes to blogging, building relationships and engaging with other bloggers is one of the key things you must do to get your blog out there.

So if you aren’t using twitter, then I’ll this article will tell you why you should be using it for your blog.

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Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

There are over a billion websites throughout the internet. And small, medium, and large businesses are using the internet to market their business online.

You simply cannot deny that internet marketing has taken the world by storm and that it has changed marketing as we know it.

But with all these businesses that are utilizing internet marketing, one thing that is very important to a business having online success is having a mobile friendly website. Continue reading

9 Email Marketing Tips That Will Drive Traffic To Your Site

Do you have a blog or brand that wants to or is utilizing this popular traffic-driving marketing strategy called email marketing? Whether you are using email marketing for your blog/business or not, I can highly recommend taking a look at these 9 tips from this simple but very informative infographic from the big email marketing software company called GetResponse. If you aren’t already using the effective technique called email marketing, then you need to be reading all the 9 points that this infographic provides.

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The Power of Social Media

Social media is used by a lot of people every day. People use social media to: stay in touch with friends, catch up with the latest news, for fun and entertainment, hobby interests, etc. But the thing with social media is not can it only be used for these things, but it can be used as a marketing tool for businesses. Continue reading

Why Websites Need SEO

If you have a website, then SEO is something that nearly every site should have. You may be asking:

“What is SEO, and why is it so important?”

Well in this article I can tell you why it is mandatory for nearly any website to have SEO and what SEO is. If you were not already aware of SEO then you will be glad if you continue reading this because this will go into great detail about SEO and how it can help a lot of people with their website.
Well, let’s jump right into it and cover all the points that you will need to know about SEO and why it’s needed for websites all over the internet! Continue reading